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The gold foil of Jin Shun Company was perennially accepted sampling by National gold silver Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Gold foil is used extensively, such as hotel & pub, palace & temple, landscape & architecture, large sculpture, high grade article, gold letter signboard and magnificent furniture, etc. decorative project gilding, and widely used in the field of medicines, cosmetics, technical gifts and cultural works, etc. In order to promoting the development of traditional workmanship, Jin Shun Gold Foil made a great contribution.

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     Jin Shun Company is a professional producing and manufacturing gifts & handicrafts enterprise. The company perennially offers a variety of middle & high-grade gifts, crafts, gold foil paintings, gilded arts & crafts and gold foil products in 24k pure gold foil. Customers also can provide drawings and photographs, text and other information, we will design and manufacture carefully according to customer's requirement. No matter any design requirement customers have; we will try our best to satisfy your requirement and product sample sending to you, so that you can authorize and seal sample, to ensure your satisfaction.
      Our Feature: direct channel, low-cost, reliable quality, rapid delivery. Jin Shun creates you a golden corporate image.

pure gold foil
pure gold foil

imitation gold foil
imitation gold foil

pure silver foil
pure silver foil

imitation silver foil
imitation silver foil

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World Famous Paintings

gold-leaf book
gold-leaf book
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